Mediation fees are billed at an hourly rate of $500.00 with a 5 hour minimum hearing time charge (i.e.-$2,500.00) in southern California in two party cases and an 8 hour minimum hearing charge (i.e.-$4,000.00) outside of southern California and in all cases with three or more parties unless otherwise agreed upon. Time spent in reading file materials and preparing for the hearing is billed at an hourly rate of $400.00. No administrative charges, telephone billings, postage, fax charges, file setup fees or other such administrative expenses are normally billed. No travel time to and from mediation sites in southern California will be charged regardless of the location of the site.

The minimum hourly charge shall be due, payable in full and received at Advanced Mediation Service not later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled mediation session, unless otherwise agreed. In the absence of timely receipt of said minimum hourly charge, the mediation session may be cancelled and other matters scheduled in its place. Fees in excess of the minimum hourly charge will be billed upon completion of the mediation session and shall be immediately due and payable. All payments should be remitted to:

Advanced Mediation Service

P. O. Box 891

Fallbrook, CA 92088

Travel Expenses

No travel expenses will normally be charged for single day mediation sessions lasting up to eight hours in southern California. For mediation sessions in these locales lasting longer than eight hours or two or more consecutive days, travel expenses shall be billed together with any additional hourly billing charges at the conclusion of the mediation session.

It is assumed that mediation sessions will be held in suitable facilities furnished and agreed upon by the parties. If facilities must be arranged by Advanced Mediation Service, this fact must be made known sufficiently in advance that arrangements may be made and the costs may be billed and paid by parties in advance of the mediation session.

Travel expenses to mediation sessions held outside the southern California area will be billed at the actual charges incurred together with any additional hourly billing charges at the conclusion of the mediation session.  Every effort will be made to reduce such travel expenses by scheduling additional cases in the same locale such that travel expenses may be prorated between all matters mediated in a single trip.

Legal Consulting/Expert Witness Fees

Fees for legal consulting and expert witness services are normally billed at the rate of $600 per hour plus expenses, unless otherwise agreed upon.  A retainer will normally be required prior to commencement of such services.